How to: Submit product feature requests with Ideaspace

Overview manages feature requests for Agility, Application Security, Continuous Testing, Release & Deploy, and TeamForge using public Ideaspaces, where you submit ideas, needs, and desired features. You can also track your ideas, upvote existing ideas, and interact with the product team and other customers. 

Ideas or feature requests are needs or desires for functionality not currently existing in the product. For example, usability improvements to make it easier to complete a frequent, time-consuming task.

Ideas are not meant for reporting software bugs or functionality that is not working as intended. These kinds of issues should be submitted as Support Requests.

Ideaspace currently uses a separate account from your Identity. You can register the first time you want to submit an idea.

Logging in to Ideaspace

  1. Browse to the Ideaspace for the product for which you're submitting an Idea
  2. If you don't already have an Ideaspace login, please create an account:


    This is separate from your Identity or App account.

    The Ideaspace account is the same for the Release, Deploy, and Agility Ideaspaces. If you previously registered an Ideaspace account for Agility, you don't need to do it again to submit Ideas for Release or Deploy. Registration for TeamForge and AppSec is separate.

    1. Click the Not Registered? link
    2. Fill in the requested fields
      Note: Please use your business address so we can associate you with your company
    3. Check acceptance of Terms of Use
    4. Check to confirm you are not a robot
    5. Click Submit
    6. Check for a welcome email from Agility Ideas
    7. Click the URL in the message to complete the registration process
  3. If you already have Ideaspace credentials, please enter your business Email and Password
    Note: This is separate from your Identity or App account
  4. Click Login
  5. If you don't remember your password, click the Forgot Password? link
    1. Enter your email address
    2. Click Send
    3. Check for an email from Agility Ideas with a reset link
    4. Click the URL
    5. Click Change Password on the User Profile page
    6. Enter New Password
    7. Enter New Password again
    8. Click Reset Password
    9. Close the confirmation dialog
    10. Once logged in, you can view existing Ideas and apply a filter such as top, or hot Ideas, or select a Category

Submitting an Idea

  1. Enter your Idea in the input field - give enough detail to make the summary clear to product managers and voters 
  2. Click Search
  3. In the upper right corner, you see the number of similar Ideas and the Comments and Votes for them
  4. You may need to be more specific in your Idea Summary to differentiate it
  5. If you find a similar Idea that meets your requirements:
    1. Click Vote for to upvote
    2. Click on the Idea title if you want to add a comment
    3. Click Submit
  6. Click Create Your Idea to submit a new Idea if nothing similar exists
  7. Add key details that will help the product team understand the context, importance, and impact of your idea:
    1. What is the specific product and version you are referring to?
    2. If this concerns an existing Release or Deploy Integration, which plugin and version are you referring to?
    3. What is the Idea related to? Ex:  UI, API, CLI, or Documentation
    4. How will this change help you?
    5. Which problem will it solve?
    6. Once it is available, how will the change make your life easier?
    7. See additional suggestions on the right side of the Idea form. The more detail you can add, the easier it is for product managers and voters to evaluate the Idea. 
  8. Select a Category
  9. Click Create Idea
  10. You have 20 minutes after submission to edit the Idea. After 20 minutes, it can only be edited or removed by an admin.
  11. Your Idea will typically appear in one to three business days after an initial review by the product teams
  12. Feel free to invite your colleagues to vote on your Idea to upvote it

Troubleshooting tips

  1. Can I edit an idea after I submit it to Ideaspace?
    • You may edit it for 20 minutes after submission. After 20 minutes, you cannot edit the text or remove the Idea. It can, however, be hidden by an Ideaspace admin.
  2. I created an idea, but it didn't appear in the Ideaspace?
    • The Ideaspace product team reviews each new idea. It takes one to three business days to be confirmed and appear in the Ideaspace.

What happens next?

  1. Ideas are reviewed by the product teams weekly, and an initial response will be provided. It could be asking for clarification questions, providing the timeline, asking for participation in Discovery sessions, etc.
  2. The ideas which receive broad support in interest and votes will be evaluated first for development work
  3. When an idea is picked for an upcoming product release, we will update the Idea comment thread


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