Issue: Unable to execute task on Release Remote server: javax.script.ScriptException: SystemExit: 126


When trying to execute a script on a remote server (using remote script task, ansible playbook etc.), the following error is thrown:

Exit code: 

#### Output:

#### Error stream:
bash: /tmp/ot-20220719T110257870/ Permission denied

Exception during execution:
javax.script.ScriptException: SystemExit: 126 in <script> at line number 21

Affected Products & Versions

Release, any version


Probable causes are:

  1. the /tmp folder on the destination host mounted as noexec
  2. SSH users (configured in Release) do not have permission to execute the script in the /tmp directory

Workaround/Resolution Action

  1. Remount the /tmp fs with the exec permission
  2. Ensure that the SSH user configured in Release has the permission to execute scripts in the /tmp directory


To see if the issue is with Release or the configuration at the target server, you can copy the playbook/scripts manually to the /tmp directory of the target host and try to execute with the user you have configured in Release.


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