Issue: Error when browsing to the next page of Permissions in Deploy


Deploy displays:  Error while fetching permissions when navigating to the next page in the Edit permissions page of a CI or folder.


Affected Products & Versions

Noticed in Deploy 22.0.2 and 22.2.0 with MSSQL database (Might be present in Deploy 22.0.0 - 22.0.7, Deploy 22.1.0 - 22.1.5, Deploy 22.2.0 - Deploy 22.2.1)

Steps to Recreate

  1. Configure your Deploy with the MSSQL database(tested with MSSQL server 2019 docker image)
  2. Create 20+ roles manually or using API.
  3. Try to navigate to the second page of Application CI's permission and you should notice the error.

Workaround/Resolution Action

You can use one of the hotfixes/updates listed below 


The issue is fixed in the following versions:

  • 23.0.0
  • 22.2.2
  • 22.1.6
  • 22.0.8
  • 10.3.16
  • 10.2.18


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