Issue: Delivery folder name error when using variable in Release


When using the Find or Create Delivery task of delivery pattern, there is a parameter Folder, which allows two options:

  1. Choose the folder from a drop-down list
  2. Provide name via a template variable

Our template is in the TEST/HELLO folder. When I choose the HELLO folder from the drop-down list, it creates the delivery successfully but if I provide the folder name via a text variable, it fails with the error below:

You do not have delivery#edit on APPLICATIONS permission on TEST/HELLO in <script> at line number 63.


This ERROR is seen because, when using variables we expect an ID to be stored in order to uniquely identify the folder. It is the same in other tasks, e.g. Create Release task, etc. While inconvenient, this is the current approach in Release. 
I tried passing the full value as a variable and was able to complete the task without any error.



Workaround/Resolution Action

  • Please try to pass in the full value like Applications/<FOLDER_ID> into the variable rather than the folder name as shown in the screenshot above.
  • Then use the variable in the Find or Create Delivery task


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