Issue: Receive an error when executing ArchiveTask for some Deploy tasks


Unable to archive tasks and receive the following error:

PreparedStatementCallback; SQL [insert into "XLD_ARCHIVED_TASKS"
("task_id", "task_kind", "worker_name", "task_details") values (?, ?, ?, ?)];
DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-302, SQLSTATE=22001, SQLERRMC=null, DRIVER=4.27.25;
nested exception is DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-302, SQLSTATE=22001,
SQLERRMC=null, DRIVER=4.27.25


The issue is caused by the column size in the DB2 table where you receive the SQL code error. See below the explanation for the DB2 error code SQLCODE=-302

Workaround/Resolution Action

To fix this issue please increase the column of task_details in the XLD_ARCHIVED_TASKS table. Use the command below or a similar command that can execute in DB to increase the size.

Make a backup of the database before running the query.

alter table XLD_ARCHIVED_TASKS modify task_details longtext;


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