How to: Restart Release from the GUI or script


We are looking for a script or procedure which can be used to restart the Release tool from the GUI.
Is there any process that can be used to perform the restart from the tools GUI, or maybe a script that can be triggered to get the job done from the GUI without login to the EC2 instance?


If Release is installed on a Linux machine (need bash) and runs as a service, you can use the following method:

Create a bash script that will do service stop > wait stop finish (sleep command) > service start

Put the script in the Release server. Then from Release, you can create the remote script > unix to execute the script, for example I've executed the ls -lrt as below:

In case you don't want the task to be interrupted by the restart (failed) because the task is waiting for the script to complete but Release was restarted, you can use the method of & with no print output for bash.

For example, as below, the script should wait 60 seconds to complete but because of & it exited immediately and the process/script still running.

Therefore, the script task in XL Release should be complete successfully before XL Release restarting.


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