Issue: Register records Deploy artifact steps successful even though nothing was deployed


If the deployment is failing at the very beginning of the deployment plan, and we're either clicking on rollback or cancel, the registry is updated with all artifacts planned for this deployment although none of these artifacts have been rolled out.

Affected Products & Versions

Noticed in:

  • Deploy-9.8.0
  • Deploy-9.7.6
  • Deploy-10.0.0


It is designed to work in this manner in the affected versions

Steps to Recreate

  1. PetClinic 1.0 has been deployed successfully. Now we'll try to update by selecting PetClinic 2.0 and clicking on continue.
  2. Clicking on modify plan to simulate an error during deployment
  3. As you can see in the deployment plan all steps are pending. Even the register deployeds step is pending.
  4. Modifying the plan. Insert a pause BEFORE the first step. Next click on deploy.
  5. Deployment stops as planned. Register deployeds is still pending.
  6. Now cancel the deployment as it could happen in case of an error. Register deployeds is still pending.
  7. Deployment has been canceled and archived

Workaround/Resolution Action

This issue is fixed in the following versions of Deploy:

  • Deploy-22.1.0
  • Deploy-22.0.2
  • Deploy-10.3.9
  • Deploy-10.2.11
  • Deploy-10.1.11
  • Deploy-10.0.12




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