How does the Deploy K8 plugin check the deployment status when deploying via a k8s.ResourcesFile?


With the K8 plugin that comes with Deploy 10.2.x, what is used to check the deployment status and how is it done currently when deploying via a k8s.ResourcesFile?


We don't have the current check status (Readiness probe). While retrying we execute the following at code level:

for item in resources.items:
kind = resources.kind.replace("List", "")
print("{0} Status:".format(kind))
print("- Replica(s) wanted: %s" % item.spec.replicas)
print("- readyReplicas: %s" % item.status.readyReplicas)
print("- updatedReplicas: %s" % item.status.updatedReplicas)
print("- unavailableReplicas: %s" % item.status.unavailableReplicas)
print("- availableReplicas: %s" % item.status.availableReplicas)

And we get the information from the K8s client.


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