Issue: WAS plugin (10.2.1) - syntax incompatible with WebSphere 8.5.5


With WAS plugin 10.2.1, it was noticed that CIs of type was.StringNameSpaceBinding use syntax incompatible with WebSphere 8.5.5. [This was working in their previous version of WAS plugin ( 9.7.5)]
As per their testing, Websphere 8.5.5 does not run the following line properly:

props['name'] = deployed.bindingIdentifier if deployed.bindingIdentifier else

Affected Products & Versions

WAS plugin 10.2.1

Workaround/Resolution Action

The issue is fixed in the following versions of the WAS plugin.

  • was-plugin-10.3.1
  • was-plugin-10.2.2
  • was-plugin-10.1.2
  • was-plugin-10.0.2
  • was-plugin-9.7.7


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