How to: Upgrade or downgrade a plugin in Deploy 10.3.x


What are the correct procedures to upgrade or downgrade a plugin in Deploy 10.3.x?

Applies to Deploy 10.3.x


Upgrade a plugin or upload a new plugin

  1. In the top navigation bar, click Plugins
  2. Click on the Installed tab
  3. Click Upload new plugin file and then select and upload the plugin file from your local machine. 
  4. After you upload a plugin, you must restart your Deploy instance


It's possible to upload either 3rd party or official plugins (works only with network connectivity to Nexus). There are certain rules with the installation of the same plugins of different versions. For more information, see Plugin Synchronization.

Downgrade a plugin

The process to downgrade a plugin can be done from the GUI in a similar way to upgrading, but there is a limitation with downgrading; it only works for local plugins. For official plugins, the higher version always takes precedence.

For details, please see the Plugin synchronization page of our documentation.

If you are planning to downgrade a local plugin, you can use the GUI itself or follow the steps mentioned on the Plugins manager page of our documentation.

Related Information

Starting with Deploy 22.x, downgrading is possible entirely with Plugin Manager CLI.

  1. Shut down the Deploy server.
  2. Update the plugin via plugin-manager-cli using the -update flag
  3. For more information, see Plugin Manager CLI
  4. Start the Deploy server.


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