Issue: Error No space left on device with Deploy


When trying to upload a particular file or folder to Deploy via file plugin, it throws the "Error No space left on device" 

Affected Products & Versions



There can be multiple reasons for the Deploy to throw this error:

  • Disk space or inode is full (check with df -ih command)
  • /tmp directory doesn't have the capacity

Workaround/Resolution Action

  • If it is a disk space-related issue (for both /tmp and volumes on which Deploy is running), contact the system administrator and add space to the server
  •  Change the directory Java uses for its temp directory. In order to do so, you will have to modify the xld-wrapper.conf.common file and add this flag for java option, like:
(N is the next number in line on your options)
  • After making the change above, restart the Deploy service


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