Issue: Users/Roles with all permissions on subfolders do not have the import option in Deploy


Even if a user has the initial#import permission on a folder under Application, the Import option is greyed out.

Affected Products & Versions

Deploy versions before 9.7.20


We introduced a permission check to enable/disable the import button in ENG-3589.  As per its implementation, we were checking permission only on the Applications root folder, so if the user had import permissions on subfolders we are not enabling the import button.

Steps to Recreate

  1. Log in as admin, create a new user and role

  2. Add a user into the role

  3. Create a subfolder under applications

  4. Add the initial#import permission for the new role

  5. Log in as a new user and try the import action on the application

  6. The import option is greyed out

Workaround/Resolution Action

The issue has been fixed in the following versions of Deploy:

  • Deploy-22.0.0
  • Deploy-10.3.6
  • Deploy-10.2.9
  • Deploy-10.1.9
  • Deploy-10.0.10
  • Deploy-9.7.20



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