File plugin deployment order


Cannot change deployment order for file.file, file.folder and file.archive types

Affected Products & Versions

Deploy, all versions


You cannot modify the order of the types that belongs to the File plugin as there is no property exposed to change the order.

Workaround/Resolution Action

What you can do is encapsulate the file.Folder/file.File functionality in a custom type that is based on the Generic plugin where the use of above properties is possible (check Copied Artifact ).

Here is an example for creating “custom.Folder” in which you can customize create order.

<type type="custom.DeployedFolder" extends="generic.CopiedArtifact" deployable-type="custom.Folder" container-type="overthere.HostContainer" description="Custom Folder type to change deployment create order">
    <generate-deployable type="custom.Folder" extends="generic.Folder"/>
    <property name="targetDirectory"/>
    <property name="createOrder" kind="integer" hidden="true" default="75"/>

If you add this to XLD_INSTALL_HOME/ext/synthetic.xml you will have a new type of deployable “custom.Folde” that acts similarly to a file.Folder but has an order property you can set before deployment. Changes to the CI types are loaded when the XL Deploy server starts so after doing those changes you will need to restart XLDeploy.


For more details about how to define a new ci type check this link. Also in case you need to know more about steps and how order works check this steps and step lists in xl-deploy.


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