Issue: WLS plugin deployment order not taking SIDE-BY-SIDE strategy for Weblogic


In a few of the newer versions of WLS plugin, the side-by-side deployment strategy is not working as expected. The old deployment will be undeployed first and the new one will be deployed with retiretimeout but that fails because the old deployment is not there anymore (undeployed). 

Affected Products & Versions

Deploy WLS plugin 10.2.1, 10.3.0

Expected behavior

  • deploy new app (while old app is still running)
  • start new app
  • wait x seconds (parameter defined in deployment)
  • stop old app (while new app is still running)
  • remove old app (and new app is still running)

Actual behavior

  • stop old app
  • remove old app
  • wait x seconds
  • deploy new app
  • start new app

Workaround/Resolution Action

This issue is fixed in the following versions of the Deploy WLS plugin: (Ref: FI-989)

  • wls-plugin-10.1.2
  • wls-plugin-10.0.2
  • wls-plugin-10.3.1
  • wls-plugin-22.0.0



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