How to: Reduce the Agility Datamart Database Size


Our Agility DataMart database has become very large; is there was a safe method for reducing its size?


Deleting old data does not release disk space and shrinking the data file will reduce performance by fragmenting the data file.

The Datamart is constantly growing. Every day, as you add data to Agility, the datamart will grow in proportion to the data added. If you delete the old data today, it will simply be replaced by new data each day and will back to the same size. Also, deleting the data would require you to delete the datamart and run a full load of all the data. This could take days depending on how much data is loaded.(/p>

Workaround/Resolution Action

  1. Setting the DB recovery model to simple and shrinking the transaction log would be the first thing to do. For more details, see: Configuring and Maintaining On-Premise Databases.
  2. For the best long-term results, truncate the transaction logs and check the database recovery model.
  3. After that add storage space to the drives containing the Agility data as it would be the most affordable and easily repeatable solution vs. purging project data.
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