Are templates with Release triggers no longer supported in Release 10.x?


We are migrating Release from v9 to v10. I am testing the use of CLI to build templates in Release from YAML files. These templates used to have triggers.

In v9 this worked well, but with v10 I get the error: Templates with release triggers are no longer supported.

Affected Products & Versions

Release v9.6 and later


The trigger design of Release 9.6 onward has been updated and triggers are now treated as first-class citizens and operate as independent entities. However, this change gives triggers much greater flexibility for future updates, details are here.

Workaround/Resolution Action

You need to create triggers at the folder level; they will not work if you're trying to create them at the template level.


Use the .yaml file to create a trigger at the folder level in CLI. Please see the example below that shows how to create a trigger at folder level:

apiVersion: xl-release/v1
kind: Templates
- directory: test
- name: Test
  type: time.Schedule
  releaseTitle: saedasda
  template: test1
  pollType: REPEAT
  periodicity: "122"
    triggerTime: 2020-03-03T16:57:01.722000

Related Information

Please refer to this documentation for the XL CLI details.


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