Issue: Unable to log in to Support Portal with the Microsoft option


When trying to sign in to the Support Portal with the Microsoft option you receive the following error:


This could be because your email address is not tied to a Microsoft account.

Or, more likely it is caused by cookies not being enabled for the site. The support portal requires the use of cookies.

Workaround/Resolution Action

The following steps give an example for the Chrome browser. The process will be slightly different for other browsers.

  1. Browse to
  2. Click the lock icon next to the URL at the top
  3. Select Cookies and clear all the cookies for this site
  4. Next, you need to allow Third Party Cookies for the support portal. See this Google Chrome Help article for details.
  5. Refresh the portal page and then click Sign In in the top right. You should then see this prompt:
  6. Click the Forgot my password link (even though that doesn't feel right, it is the correct step)
  7. Check your email for the password reset. It might go to junk mail so check your filters if necessary. (You may want to add to your whitelist or add a filter to not delete or spam/junk it.)
  8. Reset your password using the link in the email
  9. Sign in to the portal with the Email and Password fields instead of the Sign in with Microsoft link
  10. If you still have trouble logging in, please email


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