Issue: Too Many Redirects (on premise customers) with Agility Analytics custom reports



Customer is not able to access analytics custom reports. The error message says you have been redirected too many times.


Look at the following log files (core setup and analytics) and make sure the Agility and Analytics URLs are correct. They need to be in the following format:

http(s)://machinename/instancename (should not be using localhost)

If the URLs do not match up, the installers need to be run again with the correct URLs. 

Additional Troubleshooting Steps

If the URLs match, but you still receive the error, try the following steps in order as needed: 

  1. Try a different browser to see if the error persists (Firefox or IE)
  2. Refresh browser data and dynamic content.
    For Chrome:
    1. Clear all cookies in the browser
    2. Close all browsers/tabs but one
    3. With the browser open, press CTRL+F5 (forces a cache flush)
    4. Close that browser window
    5. Re-Launch the browser
    6. Navigate back to Agility
    7. Go to Analytics
    8. Go to the overview page
    9. Click on custom reports
    10. See if you are able to access them
  3. Get the ETL logs. Check to make sure it completed with no issues. Re-run if there are any errors or if it did not complete. 
  4. Analyze the HTTP traffic to see where things are going wrong:
    HTTP Analyzer is a utility that we've found to be quite simple and effective at tracing HTTP traffic. You can download a free 30-day trial using the link below:
    ZIP file's password is ieinspector
  5. After installing, provide us a trace of the HTTP traffic using the following steps:
    1. In Analytics, click on the "Overview" tab
    2. Once the "Overview" tab displays, click on "Return to Main Menu"
    3. Once you are back in VersionOne, click on Reports
    4. Once you are on the "Reports" page in VersionOne, Run HTTP Analyzer
    5. Start a trace
    6. Click on the Analytics Icon
    7. Once you see the Overview page, click on "Custom Reporting"
    8. Once you see the error message, End the trace
    9. Save the log file as XML (the default)
    10. Include the log file as an attachment in a reply to this message
    11. Once you get the info from the analyzer, please upload it to the ticket so we can have our Dev team analyze it


HttpAnalyzer captures HTTP/HTTPS by using NetFilter technology. The drivers and user mode components are classified by some antivirus applications as riskware, but not as a virus. Although IEInspector has reported it to Google, Google Chrome reports it as unwanted software


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