Issue: Deploy monitoring and reports don't show activity that happened around 22:00-23:59 PM EST


The issue is related to the view in monitoring and report, and starts around 22:00 EST.
At around two hours left before the next day, users can't view any activity in monitoring and reports but if the date filter changes to the next day, they are able to see it.

Deploy server, DB server, and Deploy activity start/end date all show the same time&date, which means 22:00-23:59 EST. Not sure why the monitoring and report view only will show if the date filter set to the next day.


Affected Products & Versions

The customer was running Deploy version 10.2.6 and observed the same issue with 9.7.10 before upgrading.


This is because everything stored in the DB uses UTC; in this case, the customer used EST which is 5 hours behind and this is why they couldn't see the reports and need to move the date filter to the next day.


Workaround/Resolution Action

This will be fixed in the next maintenance version via


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