How to: Use the Send email to inactive users feature in Release


In the release notes for Release v10.x there is reference to a new feature
[ENG-5251] - Featured Toggle: Send email to inactive users

Could you please provide a link to relevant documentation or explain how to enable/toggle this feature as I can't seem to find this anywhere in the UI as an Administrator or in the official docs?

Which users are considered inactive by this feature? Is there a setting for the default inactivity time period?


You can find the details regarding this in the doc Enable the email notifications to inactive users on our Docs site/ documentation page.

The inactive users are the users who do not have the login permissions enabled.



It doesn't send an email notification for making a user inactive. It is rather used to send emails for release-level events as follows:

  • Release started
  • Release completed
  • Release failed
  • Release failing
  • Release aborted
  • Release flagged

How to test it?

You can test this out in the following way:

  1. Configure SMTP server in Release
  2. Create 2 users(user1 and user2) with Email ID updated
  3. Create a folder and create a team including the above users under Teams and Permissions
  4. Add a template in the folder and add a simple task that will fail, also add the created team in Assigned to section
  5. Disable one of the users from user settings on the User Management tab.
  6. Create a release and start release, Verify that release is failed and check whether both the users(Active and inactive) received the email notification


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