Guidelines for requesting support for Agility

Before you submit a ticket

Before you submit a ticket regarding Agility, here are some things you can do to possibly find a solution to your problem:

  • Check the product documentation site for relevant information
  • Check the Agility support knowledge base Community site to see if there is an answer to your current question
  • Check that the version of the product you are using is still supported

Submitting a support ticket

When you encounter an issue using one of the products and it is not covered in our knowledge base, and no further info is available from our documentation site, please submit a support ticket. It will help us assist you more quickly if you fill in all required fields to provide us with the necessary information about your issue or question.

  • Proper heading for the ticket description
  • Edition/Version: Product Edition and Version
    • If you're unsure, provide a screenshot of the about page to confirm
  • Application location: Hosted on-demand or on-premise
  • If Hosted On-demand, provide instance URL
  • Priority: Low/Medium/High

Describing your request

The completeness and detail of the ticket description are important in helping our support staff solve your issue. Please provide us with the following information:

  • What are you trying to accomplish?
  • What steps did you execute in the product that resulted in the issue?
  • What result did you expect?
  • What is the actual result?
  • Recent changes in your environment? E.g. DB Permissions, Upgraded from version X to version Y, Server changes, Integration modifications, Project role changes

Collecting information

The support team may need technical information to reproduce and resolve your issue. The following is a list of information that you may be asked to supply:

  • Product configuration:
    • Server configuration (on-premise installs only)
    • Authentication type (Windows auth, basic auth, SSO)
    • Configuration item types in use (if the types are custom or modified, please include the type of definition; E.g. Dropdown, multi-select, Text, Rich Text)
    • Browser and Browser version
    • Confirm if the page on which the error is seen contains specific filters, (ex, grid filter, Saved View, etc)
  • Output:
    • If the problem relates to the user interface, please provide a screenshot, and describe what problem it shows.
    • Error message text and/ video recording or screenshots
    • HAR file
    • Setup logs – Agility, Analytics, Datamart (On-premise installs only)
    • System Support Report
    • Exception logs (on-premise installs only)
  • User’s preferences, profile, and permission level configurations:
    • What permission level does the affected user have?
    • Confirm their security role (both Admin Privileges and Project roles). Capture and send a screenshot of the Member’s personal Member Details page. Include the Project Membership grid page(s) in the screenshots sent.
    • Confirm the user’s Agility Preferences configuration. Capture and send a screenshot of this page.


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