Policy: Digital.ai TeamForge supported product versions

Digital.ai’s TeamForge Support Policy

  • Product support will be offered only for the recent release version and three release versions back.
  • Update releases are released as required to fix bugs in supported releases. Support for an update release ends when support for its corresponding product release version ends.
  • Hotfixes are also provided for supported product release versions with the same level of support as update releases.


  • Please do not upgrade to any product version that is no longer supported as it may have issues that are resolved in later versions.
  • Please do upgrade to a supported version before the support period of your current version expires so you maintain continuity of support.

Supported TeamForge Product Versions

TeamForge Version Release Date End of Support Date
22.0 8-Apr-2022 30-Sep-2023
21.2 29-Oct-2021 31-May-2023
21.1 30-Jun-2021 31-Jan-2023
21.0 4-Mar-2021 30-Sep-2022

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