How to: Escalate an open support ticket


We always strive to resolve your issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. But if for some reason you feel more attention is needed, or over time the urgency of an issue has increased, you may request that we escalate it.

Escalation raises the priority to ensure internal teams have focus and visibility and can help providing more assistance. If there is a Customer Success Manager (CSM) looking after your account they can escalate the ticket on your behalf. If there is a CSM assigned, they will co-ordinate all activities going forward to ensure there is a single point of contact when updates are available. Ticket updates will also happen to ensure there is visibility across all parties.


Make a comment in the ticket asking for it to be escalated and the reason you're asking. This could be because of the length of time it has taken to resolve the issue, or because the situation has high impact and criticality or has increased in urgency. You might have initially thought an issue affected a single user, but it turns out to be more widespread.


If after escalating a ticket it is no longer necessary, please let us know so we can revert to our normal procedures.

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