How Customer Support handles your confidential information


We are committed to protecting your intellectual property as if it was our own. The following text is found on all support messages we send to you:

Do not upload or send any confidential and/or proprietary information to this ticket. If you believe your request requires the submission of any confidential or proprietary information please reach out directly to the support engineer to confirm and if necessary a secure file transfer mechanism will be used.

If the information you want to send us is sensitive or otherwise confidential, please do not upload it directly to a support ticket or email it to us. We can provide you with access to a ShareFile secure folder for transferring sensitive files. We can also provide you with a public key if you’d like to encrypt so that a further layer of protection is added.

Uploading files to ShareFile

  1. If you're sending more than one file, please put them in a folder or archive so that we keep everything together
  2. Request a ShareFile folder from the support engineer assigned to your ticket
  3. The engineer will set up a shared folder and send you an invite via email
  4. Click the activation link in the email
  5. Create a password
  6. You'll receive a confirmation email from ShareFile support
  7. Click the option for Email me when a file is: Uploaded to this folder
  8. Click the plus icon and Upload, or drag the file/folder to the list
  9.  The engineer will be notified when you upload something
  10. If we upload a file for you to download, you will receive an email confirmation

Downloading files

  1. Select the file/folder to download
  2. Click Download

What happens if my company blocks ShareFile?

We would appreciate it if you could whitelist this site so we can exchange artifacts securely. If you aren't able to do this and you have your own means to transfer files securely please let us know so we can pick from your own approved locations.

What we do if we find sensitive information in a ticket response

  1. Notify you immediately
  2. Remove all sensitive files from our encrypted workstations
  3. Redact the content from the ticket
  4. Follows up with you about ShareFile

If we need to share files with other teams

  1. We will use only shared support folders in ShareFile
  2. We will not create any other shared locations unless approved by support management
  3. If you want encrypt any artifact we can provide you with a PGP public key

Deleting files when the ticket is resolved

We will keep your sensitive content only as long as necessary to successfully solve your ticket. Once a ticket is solved we will:

  1. Delete files from any ShareFile folders or encrypted workstations. Engineers receive a reminder email to do this when a ticket is solved.
  2. In addition, a ShareFile retention policy automatically removes files after 7 days



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