How to: View Capacity totals for Members, Teams, and Sprints/Iterations

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Where can I see capacity totals for members, teams, and sprints/iterations?


Capacity is the detail estimate amount for a team member or team and is the amount of work expected to be executed and delivered during a single sprint/iteration.

Capacity totals can be rolled up to the team member, team, or sprint, as explained below.


  • More detailed capacity reports can also be generated through Analytics or the API.
  • Project roll up capacity is available through custom reporting, which can also be generated using the API or in Analytics.

Viewing Member Capacity on the Member Planning Page

After capturing a team member's capacity, you can view capacity totals on the Member Planning page. You can also view the total detail estimate or work assigned to the them in the selected sprint. As you plan your sprints, this information is valuable because it helps you understand if the member is overloaded and if the detail estimate has exceeded their capacity (shown in red below).


You can also see the same information in Sprint Tracking > Member Tracking


Viewing Team Capacity on the Capacity Planning Page

On the Capacity Planning page, you can see a team's capacity broken down across sprints. As the capacity for each team member is defined, the total capacity rolls up to the team.


Viewing Sprint Capacity on the Member Planning or Member Tracking Pages

As you plan sprints, you can view sprint capacity in the Sprint Summary section of the Member Planning page. Using the filter options, you can also see the total capacity by sprint and team.

This information is also available on the Member Tracking page.



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