Issue: No Logout link when using Windows Authentication with Agility?

This feature is available in all editions


I installed an instance of Agility on my own server. Now I don't have a Logout link.


You probably selected Windows Integrated as your authentication mode. When Agility is installed locally and Windows Integrated Authentication is selected, Agility doesn't authenticate users. Instead, IIS authenticates each user against the Active Directory and passes the user through to Agility.

By default there is no logout option under Windows Integrated Authentication, the Agility web application has no logout link (Agility has no control over the authenticated user passed over by IIS).

There are two options to have a logout link visible.

  1. To change your authentication mode, simply re-run the installer as an upgrade and select a different authentication mode.
  2. You can add the below key to the user.config file, if one exists. If one doesn't exist, create one and place it in the webserver (ApplicationName) directory
<add key="DelegatedLogoutAllowed" value="true" />

Note: When using option #2, you will need to close the browser tab to end the session. 

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