How are "Done" fields calculated in Agility?

This feature is available in all editions


  • On the Member Planning page, if I sum the total Done of all the backlog items assigned to a member, it doesn’t equal the Done for the member. Where is the difference coming from?
  • When I show all of the available Done for this grid, only Done-details only has a value. What does each of the available Done fields represent?


The following definitions explain the meaning of each column name and how the totals are calculated.

  • Done
    Shows the sum of accumulated work effort. It is the default column that displays on all tracking pages and is generally the view that most people use.
  • Done - Total
    Shows the summed value for assets that contain workitems.
  • Done - Details Only
    Shows just the effort that was entered at the current level. Note that Done and Done-Total show roll-up values entered at the backlog item level plus any values entered below it.

There is one exception to this when the "tracking at both" option is selected in the tracking settings options, but that is not a setting we generally recommend because of the added complexity that it brings. In the example below, we entered 2 hours of Effort against the "Export Missing ID Column" defect. We then changed the tracking settings, and then entered 3 hours of Effort against the Task below it. In the example, you can see that the Details-Only column shows the 2 hrs and 3 hrs entered against the BLI & Task respectively. The other two columns show a total of 5 hours for the backlog item level.



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