How to: View who is logged in and who is active in Agility

This feature is available in all editions


 Is there a way to view which users are logged in and using Agility on a daily basis as opposed to a user that has an active account but is not doing anything?


We currently do not support that level of user reporting. It's an often-requested enhancement request but right now the parts are not in place to actually track when a person logs in or out. You can add the Last Access Date column to the Members pages and then sort by last access to see when someone last logged in. The's the only option we have at this point.

If you would like to see this behavior changed, please visit IdeaSpace and vote/comment on this enhancement request.


Please keep in mind that not all IdeaSpace enhancement requests are implemented. Even if a request has a lot of votes, we still have to weigh the cost of the change and then determine if the change fits with the roadmap and will not have any adverse effects on the application. We do base the majority of our software enhancement decisions on IdeaSpace requests, so please vote and comment on any you would like to see in the tool.


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