What happens when you switch to Windows Integrated Authentication in Agility?

This feature is available in all editions


What happens when you switch to Windows Integrated Authentication in Agility?


For End Users

End users will no longer have to remember a separate password for Digital.ai Agility. Their login credentials will be the same as the windows domain. Depending on the browser they are using and how it is configured, they may not have to enter any login information in order to access the Digital.ai Agility.


If you switch from Digital.ai Agility authentication to Windows Integrated Authentication, all configuration changes users have made to their profile will be lost. This includes grid customization, my filters, report filter settings, and notification URLs.

For Administrators

Administrators still have to create or update a member in Digital.ai Agility for each Windows user that will access the system. They will not need to specify a password when creating users. When the domain account for a user is inactivated, that user will be locked out of Digital.ai Agility.

How to Switch to Windows Integrated Authentication

Switching to Windows Integrated Authentication is a two-step process.

  • Step 1. Upgrade Digital.ai Agility to Use Windows Integrated Authentication
  • Step 2. Update member usernames


If you are not performing regular backups of Digital.ai Agility, backup your database before performing these steps.

Step 1. Upgrade Digital.ai Agility to Use Windows Integrated Authentication

First, upgrade the application to use that type of security using setup.

  1. Rerun Setup for the currently installed version of Digital.ai Agility
  2. Select Upgrade, and then select the instance of Digital.ai Agility that you'd like to upgrade
  3. Click Next at the Template selection page
  4. On the Security selection page, select Windows Integrated
  5. Select the domain account that will become the admin user.
  6. Select the correct database, and then click Next to perform the upgrade.


For more detailed upgrade instructions, refer to the Installation instructions

Step 2. Update Member Usernames

Next, update the member usernames so they match their domain login.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Members > Members
  2. Customize the grid to make the username column editable.
  3. Update each username field so it matches the value required for domain authentication. E.g. mydomain\mydomainuser

How do I switch back to Digital.ai Agility Authentication?

If you switch to Windows Integrated Authentication and decide that you don't like it, you can switch back by following the same procedure. During upgrade, you need to select Digital.ai Agility on the Security selection page. After the upgrade, the usernames will still be the text that was entered into Digital.ai Agility, For Example, mydomain\myusername. The password will be blank if the member was created while in Windows Integrated Authentication mode. If the user was created in Digital.ai Agility mode, the password will be whatever value the user had set before moving to Windows Integrated Authentication.


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