Problem: Bug Fix for SQL 2008 RTM build used with Agility

This feature is available in all editions


A defect found in SQL Server 2008 that causes too much data to be returned from certain queries prevents Agility from supporting the RTM build of SQL 2008.  Setup will not proceed if the RTM build of SQL 2008 is specified.  Please use an updated version of SQL 2008 as indicated below.


  • Update: 11/25/2008
    Details and instructions for a Cumulative Update that contains the required bug fix in SQL 2008 are available from

  • Update: 11/05/2008
    SQL Server 2008 is supported with Agility applications when a hotfix is applied that brings the SQL Server 2008 to version 10.0.1767 or higher. Microsoft has issued a hotfix that corrects an bug in SQL Server 2008 that may cause inconsistent query results with filters.

    Call Microsoft support to obtain the free hotfix. Instructions for this process can be found at

    Product Owners should reference issue #958214 in order to obtain the proper hotfix. This issue will be resolved in the next cumulative update or service pack of SQL Server 2008.


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