How to: Move a Backlog Group Down the Product Tree in Agility

This feature is available in all editions


I can move a backlog group up a level in the project tree hierarchy, but not down. Why?


You cannot move backlog groups down in the project tree hierarchy; You can only move them up to expand the area of coverage. Moving them down contracts the area of coverage and risks losing items that might sit outside of the lower-level project you.


As a workaround, you can do this:

  1. Create a new backlog group at a lower level in the project tree
  2. View the backlog, and then filter by the original feature backlog group
  3. Select all the backlog in the backlog group, and then copy them all to the new backlog group


If there are closed items, you can leave them in the old backlog group or reopen them to move them in the same manner. This might also require reopening closed iterations depending on when they were delivered.

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