How to: Find your Agility Meta

This feature is available in all editions


Meta describes all of the items stored in Agility, and all of their available attributes, relationships, and operations. The meta.v1 endpoint allows a client of the API to discover various pieces of information such as which attribute definitions are required, what content is valid for an attribute, and which attributes belong to which asset types.

Why would you want to find your Meta?

Most people want to find meta so they can label data correctly when importing assets into Agility. For more information, see Excel Import. You can also run a meta query as an alternate way to discover parameters.

How to find your Meta

You can retrieve information on a specific asset type, or you can retrieve all of the metadata in one response.

Here's a generic query that will return the metadata for one type of asset. Be sure to substitute the asset type (backlog item, portfolio item, etc.), where the term Asset is located.

<Server Base URI>/meta.v1/{Asset}?xsl=api.xsl

This will return all metadata:

<Server Base URI>/meta.v1?xsl=api.xsl

For more advanced queries on meta, refer to meta.v1 in the Agility Developer Community site.


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