How to: Configure an Agility On-Premise Instance for High Availability?


We are installing Agility on-premise. We have distributed teams and need our system to be available 24x7. What are your recommendations for high availability?

Web/Application Layer

At the web/application layer, high availability is supported through load balancers. Deploy a failover server that mirrors the primary server and use a load balancer that fails over if the primary server fails its health check. The health check should consist of making an HTTP request to the application's default.aspx page (<Server Base URI>/default.aspx). When installing and updating the VersionOne application, all steps should be taken on both machines. This includes running the setup executable, updating license files and string files. Finally, we recommend configuring the mirrored installations to use the same database user as specified in Database Configuration and Maintenance.

Database Layer

At the database layer, we recommend physical machines in a SQL Server cluster for high availability. We use an Active/Active cluster within our production environment, but an Active/Passive is possible as well. For information on setting up clusters, please see your Microsoft SQLServer documentation.



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