Are Weekends and Holidays Included in Agility Sprint Reports?

This feature is available in all editions


All time-based sprint reports (e.g., Velocity Trend and Burndown) include every day of the week, including weekends and holidays. This ensures more accurate reporting for teams that work weekends, especially for distributed teams.

You have the ability to exclude weekends as shown below. However, you do not have the ability to exclude holidays. Some teams may never work on weekends. The effect of this on the slope of a burndown graph, for example, is generally small when sprints are longer than two weeks. For shorter sprints, the slope is more visible and are represented as horizontal 'steps' in the slope. These 'steps' indicate the days no one worked. Since the weekends are distributed through the schedule, the overall slope of the burndown remains true. Some teams with week-long sprints choose to exclude weekends from their sprint schedules because the slope can be inaccurate.

Adding/Removing Weekends to Report Data

If you don't want to see weekends on your daily reports, you can remove them from your Preferences.

  1. Click on your Username in the Utility Bar (upper right of the window), and then select Preferences
  2. Select/deselect the Show Weekends check box in the Report Settings section
  3. Click the x in the upper right corner to close the window and save your changes


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