Does Agility support Amazon RDS for the Lifecycle Database?

In regards to using Amazon RDS to run your Lifecycle database, that decision is entirely up to you. We do not officially support RDS. Our standard instructions make an assumption that the SQL Server is fully functional in your existing network environment. As long as the server and network permissions are correct on your end, then you can follow our standard setup documentation.

A couple of areas of caution when using RDS - performance may be impacted using this setup, so that would be an area you should do some testing before Agility is installed. Your local IT team can validate that performance is stable. Another area would be permissions - both on the networking side and the user side. As long as the local IT team has a handle on making that all secured, then it really does not impact our installation.

Please note that if you do decide to go the RDS route, your organization will be responsible for connecting the AWS / RDS environment to the internal network. If there are any performance-related issues such as data synchronization slowness or application latency, it will be your organization's responsibility to troubleshoot the AWS / RDS side.


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