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  • Dear Appium Studio Community Forum,

    Does Appium Studio support testing apps from within a native mobile application?

    In other words, I'm testing a native mobile application. The native mobile application has an Azure Microsoft Login/Password entry in the middle. Appium Studio's Object Spy points the whole section for login/password as one in green. Learnt from the development team that the webview in the middle (Microsoft Azure Login) is created by a library created by Microsoft and the library is called by Cordova Plugin. Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) by Microsoft.

    I would be very grateful to know how to get the XPath for the Password field only please.

    Please find attached the screenshot of Appium Studio's object spy on the Azure Microsoft Login/Password section.

    Thanking you,

    Raghavan Kasthuri

  • Hi Raghavan, support requests and questions should be sent using the Submit a request button or via email to I forwarded your question to support and ticket #1138244 was created. You can see it in the My activities list.


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