Agility Team Process Management


Any Agility member with "Admin" Privileges to edit teams can modify the Teams Process. Refer to the Admin Privileges articles for more details.

A prescribed process is a great way to get started with agile development, but as teams mature and reflect on how they work they frequently want to adjust their process. The Team Process Management feature gives them the ability to independently define and manage their own process while providing cross-team managers and stakeholders visibility into the work being delivered.

When a Team defines a process, that process is used for all backlog items owned by the team, regardless of where they reside in the project/planning hierarchy.


  • Teams can create and modify their process without

    • Needing to locate a system administrator to make the necessary changes

    • Obtaining consensus by other teams working in the same backlog

    • Creating Custom List Values

    • Creating specific node/level in the project/scope/planning hierarchy

  • Product Managers, Product Owners, Departmental Managers, or Executives can monitor the delivery of epics, capabilities, and features regardless of the process each team is following to complete the work.

  • Release Managers, Release Train Engineers, and Value Stream Engineers can monitor regardless of the process each team is following.

Getting Started

To help you get started setting up the Team Process Management feature, please see: Enabling the Agility Team Process Management Feature

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