How to: Export a Tracker using CLI in TeamForge


How do I export all artifacts in a Tracker using CLI?


Exporting all artifact data in a Tracker is possible using a CLI script. Below is a sample script for exporting all artifacts in a particular Tracker.

output exportedtracker.csv
go tracker1045
export -header id,title,assignedTo,createdBy,createdDate,description

ctf set ID `print id`
ctf set TITLE `print title`
ctf set ASSIGNEDTO `print assignedTo`
ctf set CREATEDBY `print createdBy`
ctf set CREATEDDATE `print createdDate`
ctf set DESCRIPTION `print description`


Replace tracker Id in line 2 appropriately. Artifact fields can be added based on the need. To know the exact artifact fields used in a Tracker, use the commands below in CLI:

go <artfId>

Steps to execute the script from Windows CLI client

  1. Open CLI client and connect with Prod site
  2. Open Windows command line as administrator
  3. Navigate to CLI setup location (where CLI.exe is saved)
  4. In Windows command line, execute the script by
    • CLI.exe <script location>
    • Example: CLI.exe C:\listartifact.ctf
  5. Output will be stored as exportedtracker.csv in the current location of the command line.


Internal reference: #123823

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