Understanding User Provisioning with TeamForge SAML Authentication


How does user creation work with SAML? Can the password created on the TeamForge account creation welcome page be used for UI login?


  1. When a new user tries to log in to a TeamForge instance that is integrated with SAML, the page navigates to IdP (Identity Provider), once the user is authenticated in IdP, the Teamforge User account creation page will display (same as LDAP). Here the user can create a new password which will be a TeamForge local account (username and email Id unmodified).
  2. Users must specify the SAML password for TeamForge UI authentication. The locally created password can be used for non-web application logins such as Git, SVN, CLI, Nexus.

For more information please see Use SAML for TeamForge User Authentication.


Internal reference: #104770

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