How to: Unlock Trackers in TeamForge


How to unlock Trackers that are locked by 'Lock Tracker administration page' add-on?


The Tracker Admin page can be locked and unlocked for administrative or audit purposes. This can be done using the trackerLock.ctf script either from the CLI client or from the server.

  1. Copy trackerLock.ctf to your local directory
  2. Run trackerLock.ctf
  3. Connect to the TeamForge site using CLI
    Note: it can be done from any machine where CLI Client is installed and where there is a connection to the TeamForge site
    ctf> conn <<teamforge_site>>
  4. Exit CLI
  5. Now you can lock/unlock tracker within a project. Two parameters are required:
    • Tracker id
    • Value for lock: 'true'|'false'|null
  6. Type cd /opt/collabnet/teamforge/add-ons/cneu_ctf_lock_tracker_admin/add-on/bin/ or go to directory on your local machine where it was saved
    ./trackerLock.ctf <<trackerID>> <<Lock value: 'true'|'false'|null>


    To lock tracker tracker1234: ./trackerLock.ctf tracker1234 true
    To unlock tracker: ./trackerLock.ctf tracker1234 false
    Note: Make sure you are connected to the right TeamForge site using CLI Client
  7. Login to TeamForge site
  8. Go to Project Admin > Tracker Settings and you should see <<tracker name>> (Locked). You will not be able to see/change the Tracker definition.
    Note: The same script can be run in the Windows command line if the Windows CLI client is being used.

Internal reference: #124275


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