How to: Use Hostess for Agility


You can access Hostess via or 

Please refer to the article Hostess and Gary Access for Agility to get access for Hostess.


Below is what the Hostess instance looks like with all of the Agility hosted instances shown.


In the Search box, we can search for the hosted instance organization names; if we select Include inactive, it will list all the torn-down instances as well.


We can create new instances (test or Prod) by selecting Creare New Ultimate or Enterprise etc. When you click on View requests you can see all the hosted activities scheduled and completed.


Below is an example where we have searched for ashokcollabnet, followed by all of the actions we can do on this page.


  • Edit Details - You can edit the Hosted instance details using this tab
  • Rename Instance - If the customer asks to rename their instance, we can make use of this.
  • Copy - Make a copy of the current instance to set any sandbox or test instance
  • Manage License - The instance's license info and change of expiry date can be done here
  • Update - If you want to update to the next point release we can schedule here
  • Upgrade - If you want to upgrade to the latest available release.
  • Attach ideas - You can attach ideas instance for submitting ideas
  • Attach analytics - If the customer would like to enable the Analytics feature on their instance
  • Teardown instance - You can tear down the entire instance which is basically deletion of the instance completely.



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