Release Notes: Introducing TeamForge ALM and TeamForge SCM 20.3


TeamForge ALM 20.3

New Features

Delete Baseline Definition

Baseline users with delete baseline definition permissions now have the ability to delete any baseline definition. Baseline users will only have access to the content that matters the most. This functionality improves performance, reduces disk space, and makes it easier to manage!

User interface for TeamForge’s Web Connect

A single-page application allows users to manage the list and perform add/edit/delete operation across all WebConnect entities, providing flexibility. Integrated server logs provide users with an easy way to view the logs from within the user interface and the powerful message search capabilities lets users drill down into the messages.


Documents v2.0 – UX improvements

UX improvements improve the Documents tool by using modern visual layouts and a cleaner user interface by reducing clutter and improving the overall user flow. The document capabilities include:

  • Improved Document View Configuration enables document users to easily create and edit custom document list views so that they can focus on the fields that matters the most to them!
  • Enhanced Create / Edit / View Document pages now has a rich interface coupled with brand new controls on the form providing document users with a seamless interactive experience that is as easy to use as possible.

The newer design improves productivity and user satisfaction and simplifies the process to quickly access desired files.

Tracker “Tags” as an exportable field

The system field “Tags” is now optionally available for selection at the time of export within the Trackers and Planning Folders list views, Tracker and Planning Folder search, and Tracker table report.  This enhancement provides the flexibility to review and further analyze Tracker data using tools (such as Microsoft Excel) to discover trends and patterns.


  • Support for Sonatype Nexus 3.28
  • Support for Micro Focus ALM 12.6
  • Support for Atlassian Jira 8.11 and 8.12

TeamForge SCM 20.3

New Features

Code reviews as TeamForge objects

This feature extends TeamForge associations with support for code reviews using both Git and Subversion, making work more visible. Previously, only commits could be associated with artifacts, but code review associations make work-in-progress also visible.

Extended file operations

This set of new file/folder operations for both Git and Subversion include: Folder creation, File & folder deletion, File & folder move, and File & folder copy. Powerful file/folder operations provide TeamForge users who prefer to use graphical user interfaces with greater ability to interact with repositories. This functionality simplifies manipulating files and folders through the TeamForge web user interface, eliminating the need for knowledge of the underlying version control system.


Commit governance on tracker level

This enhancement enables the control of work item associations at the tracker level for both Git and Subversion, providing finer-grained commit governance control for associated TeamForge artifacts.


Gerrit upgraded to new major version 3.2 (previously 2.16), providing new features and improved security and performance.


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