How to: Obtain a Identity

What is a Identity?

If you're reading this without having logged in to the Customer Support Portal, you can access some of our support content, but you'll need a Identity to see all of our content and create request tickets.

The Identity is a Single Sign On account that gives you access to the Customer Support Portal, Product Documentation, Community, and your licensed applications.

For more information, please see What is the Identity?

Setting up a Identity

There are two options for setting up a Identity:

  1. Individuals may try to Self-Register at
    Note: Self-registration is not available for some accounts
  2. Your company designates a Customer Admin to manage your company's accounts and login methods. The Customer Admin would then create additional users as needed. See Customer Account Administrator Handbook.

Need Help creating your Identity?

If you are unable to self-register and do not have a designated Customer Admin, you can use the Contact Support form, and our Platform Support team will be happy to help you.

About the Support portal

For more information about the support portal, please see our Welcome article.

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