How to: Request a new Support Portal Account

If you're reading this without having logged in to the Support Portal, you're able to access some of our support content but you'll need an account to see all of our content and create request tickets.

New accounts can be created in batches as part of a new customer onboarding, or individuals may request one or more accounts be set up by submitting a support ticket with the words "portal access" somewhere in the subject.


Email us at to request an account.

If you submit a ticket without having an account, the ticket is suspended. We then follow up to release the ticket and create your account. You receive an email from the portal asking you to create a password and verify your address.

New customers can ask their Customer Success Manager to send us a list of users that we can create as a batch during the initial onboarding.


Email us any time you need assistance at or, better yet, use the Submit a request link in the portal.

For more information about the portal, please see our Welcome article.

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