Error: Wrapper shutting down Deploy with "ping between java application and wrapper timed out"


Sometimes, Deploy seems to have shut itself down without any obvious reason when it is installed as a service.

Environment Deploy


This happens when the Deploy application is not able to communicate with the Wrapper because the high load.Wrapper continuously pings the application and if it doesn't get a reply back from Deploy, it shuts it down.


  1. Increase the value of property in XLD_HOME/conf/xld-wrapper-linux.conf or XLD_HOME/conf/xld-wrapper-win.conf file
    The default value is 30 seconds, so increase it to a reasonable value like 120
  2. Uninstall the Deploy service
  3. Reinstall the Deploy service

Additional Information

Below is the error as seen in logs

INFO|19064/0|Service XL Deploy Server|17-01-30 14:50:29|Missing wrapper ping within
timeout of 30000 WARNING|19064/0|Service XL Deploy Server|17-01-30 14:50:32|ping
between java application and wrapper timed out.
if this this is due to server overload consider increasing


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