How to: Connect to Windows target machines using a winrs proxy with XL Deploy


Windows Remote Management, or WinRM, is Microsoft's implementation of the open DMTF WS-Management standard and is the standard way that XL Deploy runs commands on Windows target systems. WinRM is a SOAP-based protocol, and XL Deploy can communicate directly with the target system by sending the appropriate messages over HTTP or HTTPS. This is XL Deploy's WINRM_INTERNAL connection mode.

XL Deploy can also communicate with the target system by calling Microsoft's own WinRM client, the command-line winrs utility, and using it to send the necessary messages. This is the WINRM_NATIVE connection mode. It is often useful because it allows you to run the same commands that XL Deploy uses to communicate with the target system by invoking winrs yourself from the command line of the machine on which the XL Deploy server runs. This makes connection verification and troubleshooting much easier and is a nice benefit of an agentless automation tool.

Because winrs has some advanced options that are not yet available using WINRM_INTERNAL, we generally recommend using WINRM_NATIVE when possible.

Winrs is Microsoft's own command-line WinRM client, so it's only available on Windows operating systems. There are two ways this can be set up with XL Deploy.

Running winrs locally

The easiest way to allow XL Deploy to use WINRM_NATIVE is to simply run the XL Deploy server on a Windows operating system. This is the default setup assumed when you select WINRM_NATIVE.


Using a winrs proxy

If you can't run your XL Deploy server on a Windows machine, you can use a winrs proxy, which is a Windows server that has the winrs command-line utility installed and from which a network path exists to the "real" target system. XL Deploy will first connect to the winrs proxy, and then run winrs from there to connect to the target system. It is still easy to emulate what XL Deploy is doing: you simply need to invoke winrs on the winrs proxy machine.


You still need to connect from the XL Deploy server to the winrs proxy. And because your XL Deploy server is most likely not running on Windows in this scenario (otherwise you could simply use the default setup!), you will probably need to use WINRM_INTERNAL or one of the other supported protocols for that. But you only need to set up that connection for one server, which can be much quicker than setting up WINRM_INTERNAL for all servers in a large, multi-domain environment.

How do I configure a winrs proxy?

Configuring a winrs proxy is easy. First, create a host entry for the winrs proxy host, specifying the connection information XL Deploy will use to log in to that machine. Then, select that winrs proxy host as the winrsProxy on your target Windows system. The connection type for the target system needs to be WINRM_NATIVE.


Multiple winrs proxies

If you have a partitioned network setup in which some Windows machines that you want to target from XL Deploy are not visible from one winrs proxy, you can create multiple hosts to act as winrs proxies. In that case, select the appropriate host when setting the winrsProxy value for the target machine.



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