How to: View a Intelligence Dossier in Presentation Mode


You can view an Intelligence Visual Discovery dashboard without having to see all the navigation features, such as toolbars, menus, and panels, that are available in the Visual Discovery interface. This allows you to maximize the amount of data that you can view at one time, while still allowing you to interact with your data.

You can perform the following tasks in Presentation Mode:

  • Minimize and maximize visualizations
  • Include, exclude, or drill on data in a visualization
  • Resize the Filters panel, as well as individual filters
  • Filter data select page-by elements
  • Switch between pages in a dashboard
  • Examine the underlying data in a visualization

You can also view a dashboard as a fully interactive dashboard in Visual Discovery mode. You can select multiple items in a visualization, type elements to search for in filters, type-specific values to use to filter metric values in a metric filter, and so on.

Run and view a dashboard in Presentation Mode

  1. To display the Filters panel in Presentation Mode, be sure that the Filters panel is displayed and contains at least one report object.
  2. Click on the View menu and select Filter Panel or click the Filters icon on the left-side panel selector
  3. From the dashboard toolbar in the right-hand section, click the Presentation View icon.
  4. To exit Presentation Mode, press ESC.


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