How to: Embed a Intelligence Dashboard within an IFrame

If you need to publish a dashboard on an external site or on a monitor, can generate code to display the dashboard within an IFrame.  

Prior to generating the iframe code, please contact Support to have a user provisioned specifically for the purpose of launching this dashboard. For security purposes, provides a specific user configuration. 

Once you have the user credentials, please navigate to the dashboard in question within the Intelligence presentation layer.


  1. Right-click on the dashboard and select Share
  2. On the far right, click the option Embed
  3. Copy the code displayed here
  4. Once you have copied the code, paste it into a text editor or notepad to finish building the proper URL construction
  5. In order to get the dashboard to launch, you must add the credentials provided to the code with the correct syntax.  Please see the sample URL below for an example.
  6. SSO Customers Please Note: There is an additional step during the URL creation process. An addition to your URL is needed to allow direct login bypassing SSO. For some customers, this is "-direct" as in the example below. For others, it is "/NumerifyIntegration." If you don't know your project's direct URL, please contact
  7. Once the code is properly constructed use it wherever there is an "embed' option.  The example below is with Google Sites


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