Understanding My Insights vs. Shared Insights in Digital.ai Intelligence

Understanding the difference between My Insights and Shared Insights is critical to being able to navigate the Digital.ai Intelligence document repository. The concept within Intelligence is equivalent to understanding the difference between My Documents and Public Documents on a local computer.

My Insights is unique to each user. Every user has their own My Insights folder and only that user can see or edit the objects located within the My Insights folder. This is a good place to store ad-hoc analysis not intended to be shared with other users or as a holding place for dashboards under development until ready to be published. It is possible to share the contents of My Insights out to additional users however that access is limited to direct URL access.

Shared Insights as the name implies is a shared repository accessible by all users. There can be access controls on folders or documents that prevent users from seeing or executing documents, but generally, the contents of this directory are intended to be shared among multiple users. This is where you will find all of the published content from Digital.ai as well as the customized dashboard templates. 

Here are a few best practices of when to use My Insights vs. Shared Insights: 

My Insights

  • Ad-hoc Analysis not intended to be shared with other users except in presentation-only mode
  • Documents under development by an individual

Shared Insights

  • Documents you want to publish via the Landing Page
  • Published content for consumption by a broad audience
  • Files under collaborative development
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