How to: Add a Visualization to a Intelligence Dashboard

  1. If the Datasets Panel is not displayed, select it from the left-side Panel Selector or View menu
  2. If your dashboard contains multiple datasets, from the Datasets panel, using the drop-down triangles, select the dataset that contains the report objects that you want to add to the visualization
  3. Click the Insert Visualization icon on the top Tool bar
    An empty grid visualization is automatically added to the dashboard
  4. You can select one of the other visualizations from the Visualizations Gallery on the right side of the screen.
    If the Visualizations Gallery is not displayed, select it from the View menu.
  5. You can customize the display of the visualization by adding, replacing, and removing report objects.
    • To add a report object to the visualization, from the Datasets panel, drag and drop the report object onto the appropriate area on the visualization's Editor panel.
      If the Editor Panel is not displayed, select it from the View menu.
    • Fields vary with the visualization. See separate knowledge articles for more information on individual visualizations.
    • To replace a report object that has already been added to the visualization, from the Datasets panel, click and drag the report object on top of the item in the Editor panel that you want to replace, so that a blue arrow is displayed next to the cursor. The item is replaced with your report object.
    • To remove a report object from the visualization, in the visualization's Editor panel, hover the cursor over the report object's name, right-click and select Remove.
  6. Repeat the appropriate steps above to define your visualization
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